Tandem. corporate Black car service the way it should be.

Tandem Technologies takes business transportation to the next level because we work with you (in tandem) to make everything more efficient. Essentially, Tandem offers both an intuitive, intelligent technology and a strong partnership for black car services, providing savings, simplicity and accounting transparency.

Clients are asking for more than what currently exists in the ground-transportation landscape. That’s why we created Tandem.

Corporate black car service platform

Seamless, superior service

The Tandem platform operates smoothly across all devices of your choice – desktop, laptop, smartphone or other. And you can expect the best service from professional, courteous drivers operating from 22 NYC fleets.

national and international black car service also available
Coroporate travel black car solutions

The closest car, and quickly

We’ll ensure that the closest car from your contracted fleet is at your door in minutes. We’re on demand at your command when you need us most.

Fleet technologies for businesses

Real-time platform syncing

All trips and any changes you make are shown in one unified record that is visible on both your Tandem portal and app from one technologically evolved platform.

Black car solution benefits

Accounting in harmony

Automated bill-scrubbing means you’ll know that all charges are accurate. And rates will never surge. You can also view travel expenses instantly because everything is in real time. Plus, you get advanced Service Level Agreement reporting and carbon accounting. This is good.

How to use Tandem

Tandem is easy and works seamlessly. Period.

1 Schedule

Set your pick-up time from your corporate portal online, from your Tandem app on any device or by calling your preferred fleet. Any changes you make are automatically synchronized to your system.

How to use Tandem Technologies

2 Ride

The closest car from 22 trusted, professional NYC fleets comes to your door. Plus, we rev up service during peak hours with more cars.

How to use Technologies for Black Car Fleet

3 Arrive

Whatever you’ve agreed on is your billing rate. Deductions or credits have been synced up with your accounting system. That’s it. We’ll see you again soon.

How to use Corporate Black Car Service Technology

Let’s work together – in tandem.

Call us at 732-326-0700 or email us.

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frequently asked questions

No. The Tandem technology works in partnership with your existing ground transportation vendors.

No. Tandem provides the technology to better manage your chosen fleet(s). You choose which fleet(s) you would like to work with and negotiate the pricing with them.

Yes. Simply speak with a Tandem Business Management Consultant at 732-326-0700.

Yes. Tandem can be integrated into the services of other ground transportation providers.

Tandem charges a per-transaction fee that is paid directly by our corporate users. For more details, please speak with a Tandem Business Management Consultant at 732-326-0700

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